Arasta for Civil Activities is an independent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working for sustainable development in the society and bridging the gaps between the government and the community in Kurdistan and Iraq, in later stages, through developing scientific research, administering discussions and dialogues on youth issues, organizing conferences and workshops, and exchanging expertise and experience with other regional and international organizations. ARASTA was established in response to the communal need to fill the gaps between the society and government and set up a ground of a common understanding between both.

ARASTA pursues its objectives through forums for dialogue and discussion, especially on issues of democratic development and youth contribution, and by developing general policies and legislations, through workshops, brainstorming sessions, conferences, and seminars.

ARASTA includes a group of young enthusiastic, energetic members, with a background of working in local and international development and aid organizations. Most of the staff is experienced, although young, and fighting to a positive change.